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What are Vacuum Sealers and How do they work?

vacuum sealer is a type of a bag heat sealer which is used for various specialty packaging purposes. This sealer is used in packaging dried foods, electronics, coffee products and other materials which may breakdown more rapidly when exposed to air.

This heat sealer variant is a heavy duty machine which draws air out of the poly bag before it automatically seals it. Using this method the vacuum sealer also reduces the volume of the packaged product by removing trapped air left in the bag. This at times can be the mo...

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Heat Sealer Overview

If your company supplies products which need to be sealed in bags, you have come to the right place. Impulse Sealer Supply offers a wide variety of bag sealers for a multitude of bag sealing needs. You can find anything from foot sealers to hand held sealers. This article will provide an overview of the many heat sealers you will find on our website.

One of the most common types of heat sealers is an impulse sealer used for sealing polyethylene bags. Impulse heat sealers use an impulse of electricity to heat up a wire which seals the bag. The heat stays on for one to two seconds and has several levels depending on the thickness of the bag you want to seal. Impulse sealers come in a variety of seal lengths and widths. Cutters are also available on some models and are most often used with poly tubing.

Constant heat sealers deliver a constant source of heat to the bag to be sealed. These heat sealers provide a higher level of heat to seal thicker bags with higher melting points such as cellophane bags. Constant heat sealers also come in many seal lengths and widths to accommodate for different widths and thicknesses of bags.

Foot sealers are a type of sealer which allow for hands free operation. The user operates the foot sealer with their foot and therefore is allowed to use both hands to handle the bags to be sealed. Foot sealers are tall, standing machines, thus enabling larger bags with heavier, spillable loads to be sealed efficiently.

Another option for heat sealing is a hand held sealer. Hand held sealers come in two types, constant heat sealers, and hand-held roller heat sealers. The hand-held constant sealers are perfect for sealing smaller bags including coffee bags. Roller sealers are most often used for curved seals, or much longer bags. However, these sealers do not offer the best quality seal due to lower levels of heat and variation of pressure by the user.

We hope that this information has aided you in your search for the best heat sealer for your needs.